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Spring 2018

TAGMaC 2018 Schedule

TAGMaC 2018 Abstracts

Plenary Talk Speaker: Ilse Ipsen

Plenary Talk Title: Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Computations.

Plenary Talk Abstract: The emergence of massive data sets, over the past twenty or so years, has lead to the development of Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra. Fast and accurate randomized matrix algorithms are being designed for applications like machine learning, population genomics, astronomy, nuclear engineering, and optimal experimental design.

We give a flavour of randomized algorithms for the solution of least squares/regression problems and, if time permits, for the computation of log determinants. Along the way we illustrate important concepts from numerical analysis (conditioning and pre-conditioning) and statistics (sampling and leverage scores).



Fall 2016

TAGMac 2016 Detailed Schedule

TAGMAC 2016 Abstracts

8:15am-9:00amRegistration/Breakfast and Coffee
9:00am-10:00amPlenary Talk by Dr. Seth Sullivant from North Carolina State University (See below for title and abstract)
10:20am-12:00pmParallel Sessions I*
12:00pm-1:30pmLunch/Free Time
1:30pm-3:10pmParallel Sessions II*
3:30pm-4:30pmPanel Discussion

Plenary Talk Title:  Constructing Phylogenetic Trees with K-mers

Plenary Talk Abstract:  A core problem in computational biology is to construct the evolutionary history or “phylogenetic tree” of a group of organisms.  One typically proceeds by first constructing an alignment of gene sequences appearing in all organisms and then using a probabilistic model of mutations to determine which species are closest to each other.  A number of authors have proposed algorithms for constructing phylogenetic trees without first constructing an alignment.  I will discuss some of the mathematical aspects of this.  The methodologies involve tools from combinatorics, probability, and statistics.  Both the biology and the mathematics will be kept at a basic level.

*Each parallel session will include four 20-minute talks given by graduate students from Duke, NCSU, and UNC-CH.